MOSKVICH Business District

Location: Moscow, south-eastern administrative district, the territory of «Pechatniki» region, within a walking distance from the «Tekstilshchiki» metro and railway station.

One of the main purposes of the Project is to change the appearance and the status of the region, turning it from an old industrial zone into Moscow’s new business district.

The concept
MOSKVICH Business District with the total area of 430 000 m2  includes office buildings, hotels, retail facilities, restaurants, underground and surface parking, an above-ground pedestrian trading and service transition of over 500 metres in length. It will be built from the «Tekstilshchiki» metro station along Volgogradskiy Prospect up to Avtoframos car enterprise.

Volume of the investment – 700 mn US dollars
Term of realization – 5 years
Technical and economic indicators

Stage 1 Reconstruction of 5 existing buildings
Stage 2 Construction of 7 new buildings
Stage 3 Elevated pedestrian trade and service transition

Territory balance:

Indicator Indicator area,
District of projected territory 16,36 100,0
Built-up territories 6,51 39,79
Green territories 5,34 32,64
Territories with an artificial 4,51 27,57

$ 700 000 000

volume of investment

5 years

term of realization

430 000 m2

business-park floor area