Sveti Marko Island

Sveti Marko Island is the largest island of Boka-Kotor Bay in the southern part of the Tivat Gulf of the Adriatic Sea, on the southeast coast of Montenegro. Boasting picturesque scenery, unique natural diversity and mild Mediterranean climate the Bay is registered in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Sveti Marko Island has 4 km of beaches. The swimming season lasts for 180 days a year and the air temperature during 115 of them is higher than 30˚C. During six months the water temperature is about +20 - +26˚С. The island takes its name from Saint Marko – one of the four evangelists, a patron saint of Venice particularly worshiped by the Mediterranean Christians.

Sveti Marko Island is 25 minutes far from Tivat city with an international airport near it. It takes only 1 hour to fly to the island from Budapest or Rome, 2 hours – from Paris and 3 hours – from Moscow.

The developed network of transportation routes links Sveti Marko Island to the other cities of the region – Kotor, Budva and Herzeg Novi. Cultural and historical centres of the Roman and Medieval times as well as the legendary St. Stephen Island are just a short distance away.

We are planning to construct a unique space for an elite de Luxe class rest on the territory of 34 hectares. All the objects will be built according to the highest international standards. Special attention will be paid to protect the natural environment of the island. The project envisages to build up the island for 14% only. In order to protect the environment the only means of transport on the island will be ecological golf-cars.

The partners of the Project are:

SAVILLS, London – sales and marketing manager
Bovis Lend Lease, Italy – construction works management
Woods Bagot, London – architectural works management
ARUP, London – technical consulting, infrastructure issues consulting

6 stars

first island resort in Europe

most isolated island

of the Tivat Gulf listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage List

partners of the Project

Savills (London), Bovis Lend Lease (Italy), Woods Bagot (London), ARUP (London)

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