Cottage construction in Moscow Region

Project: Cottage construction in Moscow Region

Fryazino - 26 km from MKAD – Shchelkovo district, near the village of Staraya Sloboda. Site of 64 hectares.

Elino - 15 km from MKAD – Solnechnogorsk district, Leningradskoe avenue, near to the village Elino. Site of 23 hectares.

Krekshino - 22 km from MKAD - Narofominsky district, near to the locality of Krekshino. Site of 22 hectares.

Zhedochi-Narofominsky - 30 km from MKAD. A site of 16 hectares in a forest.

Zaboriye - 20 km from MKAD – Domodedovo district, near to the village of Zaboriye. Site of 15 hectares.

Kashirskiy district - 100 km from MKAD. Site of 3 000 hectares on the bank of Oka.

Krasnogorsk - Opalikha microregion. 10 km from MKAD. Site of 6 hectares.

Cottage construction in Fryazino suburbs on the land of 64 hectares (Moscow region).

Advantages: the land is situated in a picturesque place on the banks of Barskye Ponds. The territory of Fryazino has high potential in reducing the pollution of the atmosphere: the area of sanitary green zones and parks makes 15% of the territory of the city. It contributes to the reduction of the anthropogenic load on ecosystems and to the improvement of ecological situation on the territory of Fryazino itself and its neighborhood.

Construction of business-class cottage village

Terms of realization
4-5 years

Volume of investment
100 million US dollars

Business-class cottage villages


4-5 years

realization period

$ 100 000 000

volume of investment