About us

METROPOL DEVELOPMENT Company was founded in 2005 in order to expand the real estate development business of METROPOL Group of Companies. The main lines of its activities include management of its own funds and those of its clients within the real estate investment, property management, capital investment project activity. The METROPOL DEVELOPMENT Company is currently managing a number of investment attractive real estate properties both in Russia and abroad with overall area of 2 million m2. The METROPOLIYA Project (the construction of more than 1,5 million m2 of commercial property) is also under the Company’s management. METROPOLIYA is being projected by NIKKEN SEKKEI – Japan’s major architectural and engineering company. The market value of the assets under the Company’s management is more than 1 billion US dollars. Oleg Korol is the CEO of the METROPOL DEVELOPMENT Company.


  • Real estate investment consulting
  • Investment projects evaluation
  • Real estate investment projects management
  • Attraction of financing
  • Client’s real estate investment funds management
  • Elaboration of the concept, creation and administration of real estate funds
  • Real estate facility maintenance
  • Realtor services
  • Realty deals, including land
  • Legal support of real estate deals

(maximal reliability)

IFC METROPOL rated by the National Rating Agency

$ 30 600 000 000

The volume of transactions in shares carried out by IFC METROPOL in 2008

$ 1 000 000 000

Market value of the assets under METROPOL DEVELOPMENT management

2 000 000 m2

Overall area of real estate objects of METROPOL DEVELOPMENT both under projecting and under construction

Oleg Korol
Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics and Faculty of Public Administration. Ph.D. in Sociology. Graduated from Russian State Social University with Law as a major discipline. Has been working in the real estate since 1995. Head of Real Estate direction in the METROPOL Group of Companies since 2002.